Silverline works close to you to understand your specific requirements, so that we can find a mortgage which suits you and your lifestyle. If you are a first time buyer, moving home or considering investing in property at Silveline we will guide you through from step one. A well experienced team will guide you through step by step, making sure you get the most suitable mortgage. Make sure you choose the right agent so they plan well and you live well.

Residential Mortgages

If you’re searching for a mortgage for your main residence, whether or not you’re shopping for a brand new home or re-mortgaging your existing property, you may need a residential mortgage.

A mortgage is often the biggest financial commitment of your life and if you are a first time buyer you might have 100's of questions, we at Silverline Financial Services happy to answer any of your questions and provide a mortgage solution that best fits your requirement.

A loan taken out by an Finding the right residential mortgage can be a challenging task with the number of residential mortgages and the range of rates and charges available in the market, this is when you can seek Silverline, an independent mortgage agent to find the best residential mortgage suitable for you.

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Buy to let Mortgages

When you buy a property to rent out you will need a buy to let mortgage. A buy to let mortgage is a way of safeguarding your savings and an investment that would give you better return than most other investment opportunities. This is different from a residential mortgage where you will buy a house for your own use.

Our well experienced team will evaluate your income and expenses to make sure you can afford your personal commitments. In such case the rental income you receive from the property can be used towards the buy to let mortgage and other property expenses. Getting a buy to let mortgage will make you eligible for some tax deductibles but you must contact a tax expert to get further advice.

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Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgages are designed for individuals and companies purchasing a business property as an asset, where they profiting from rent payments and property value appreciation.

If you’re buying a commercial property to rent out or need to refinance we can arrange lending on a wide range of properties, including residential investments, retail units with or without living accommodation, industrial units, offices, warehousing & storage facilities and many more meeting your needs.

We can help save you money and time, and deliver a unique insurance and risk management solution that will minimise your exposure and increase value to your business.

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Why choose us

Industry Experience

We have over 20 years of combined experience and ovet the years we developed many contacts to get the best mortgage solution to our clients.

One Stop Financial Solution

We strive to provide all your mortgage financial solutions under our roof so less hassle for you.


We pride ourselves in being a reliable company most of our business comes from customer referrals.

Friendly Staff

Our staff has complete understanding of the mortgage instruments and will guid you all the way through till you buy a new house.

Guaranteed Results

Even though no one can guarantee that you would get the mortgage immediately we would give you professional advice and makesure you will get the mortgage in the future.

All the way

From the initial advice to credit check application process and all the way to approval of your mortgage we will be with you.


Life is full of surprises and it will not always be what you like, so its a smart move to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances such as accidents and critical illness. At Silverline Financial Services we find the right insurance cover for you and your loved once and protect you against uncertainties.

Life & Critical Illness Insurance

Life insurance an insurance you put on your life for your loved ones or for the ones depended on you. If by any chance you pass away during the term of your cover, a lump sum will be paid to your depended via your life insurance.

Critical illness insurance pays out a tax-free amount of money in the event that you are diagnosed with a specified illness covered by the insurance or medical any condition during the period the policy is covered for.

Critical illness can strike at any time to anyone. Statistics records from Cancer Research UK taken in September 2014 indicates one in three people in the UK will develop some form of cancer during their lives, in such unexpected situation Critical illness insurance can protect you and people depended on you through financial crises as you take time off work for treatments.

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Buildings & Contents Insurance

Building and contents insurance for homeowners is a combined policy, as the name suggests it covers contents and building. You can also buy these insurance separately if you think you dont need the other, but it is always good to have cover for both of them.

Compare websites only offer you the cheapest insurance but we analyse your personal circumstances and offer you a better insurance solution, because the cheapest insurance is not always the best insurance. In the time of need you must hav your insurer to act swiftly and provide you with the required financial support, if not then there is no point getting the insurance in the first place.

If you live in a rented property probably your landlord already has got building insurance and you only need to insure your contents. When insuring contents your insurer normally sets a maximum limit individual for the individual items that can be insured, if you need to insure anything more than that limit you need specific insurance for those items.

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Loans can be both secured and unsecured, any loan that is borrowed against your home is a secured loan, and if you miss your repayments on such loans your home may be repossessed. One benefit from a secured loan is that you will be able to get better interest rates than unsecured loans. With the interest rates at a record low this is the perfect time to get your personal finances sorted.

Bridging Loan

Bridging loans are designed to help home buyers to complete purchase of a property before selling their existing home or property by offering a short term loan at a high rate of interest. The interest rates could start from 10% to 30% per year, which is a very high rate of interest when compared to other loan instruments.

Apart from helping home movers to bridge the gap between buying and selling , this type of loan also helps people who are planning to sell the house immediately after renovating and for someone who is buying the home at an auction.

Bridging loans can help landlords and amateure property developers.

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